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Eagles have a special nurturing habit in nature. At first eaglets depend on their parents for everything.  To a rocky crag where the stronghold is situated, mother eagle tirelessly brings foods for the young to feast on until they come to a certain maturity. In the nest, the eaglets stretch their wings and hop, gaining strength and balance as they grow. However, every time the mother feeds on the baby eaglets during the period of fledgling, the parent reinforces the idea of walking, flipping, and flying by feeding them farther away from the nest. The bird will become accustomed to this idea and every time it falls, it will attempt to flap its wings more and more. 

One day, the parent will forcibly teach them how to fly by dropping them from the nest. Unless they learn how to flap their wings, they are going to keep hitting the ground and will not get food. Once the bird has experienced flight for the first time, it makes the second or third time smoother and better. The eaglet will flail its wings clumsily and only sustain itself for a few seconds more. Only with practice do they learn the skill and develop the muscles necessary to flap their wings to their fullest potential.

The mechanism applies to human babies as well. Human babies, like eaglets, need safe, systematic, and coordinated developmental stages for them to learn the critical skills in life. Why do we take a great pride in the lovely memory of your children uttering 'mama' and 'daddy' for the first time in life? Because, as parents, we take a great pride in their small development and in their capacity to explore this beautiful world. Meanwhile, we want them to be fully prepared to venture this world without distress. 

This is why we are here. Eaglet Class provides the challenging yet manageable stages for your children to taste a sense of fulfillment with a set of crucial training for your children's emotional, mental, and physical development. The primary goal of Eaglet Class is to teach your children the meaning of rules. By abiding by instructions, your children will learn self-control, coordination, leadership, teamwork, safety awareness, endurance, and respect. As your children move up and attain a new belt, you will witness your children become a polite, self-aware, responsible, and essentially better person. Imagine the day to come when your children bow to you and say, "Thank you for raising us up!"

A personality and mentality developed at childhood last a lifetime. Captain Taekwondo provides all the helpful training environment for your children to be healthy, positive, and self-fulfilling ones in school, home, and society. It is arguably the most important investment in your children's lives. 


We know that your children are the most amazing creatures in the world. Now, let us work together to let THIS world realize this very fact as well.   

Thank you very much.



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